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Releasing, trading Cordy Glenn saves significant cap space for Buffalo Bills

If the Bills want to trade or release Glenn, they could save some money.

Buffalo Bills left tackle Cordy Glenn has been very good when he plays, but that’s the knock against him. He’s only played 16 games over the span of the last two seasons dealing with lingering ankle/foot problems. If general manager Brandon Beane wants to make a move on Glenn while he still has great value, now is the time.

Glenn is due $9.25 million in salary in 2018 with that figure dropping over the next two years. He also has a $2 million roster bonus due in each of the final three years of his deal. These bonuses ensure he has a chance to find a new home; if the Bills want to release him, they will likely do it before making that payout.

Trading Glenn before that roster bonus is due on March 18th would be a good cost-saving move, especially if the concerns about his injury linger. While it would result in $9.6 million in dead cap space (resulting from the acceleration of three years of the $3.2 million portions of his pro-rated signing bonus), that’s still less than his $14.45 million cap hit, netting $4.85 million in cap space. Trading Glenn after paying that $2 million roster bonus wouldn’t make much sense, though, as his $11.6 million dead cap hit wouldn’t be much different from his $12.45 cap savings.

Releasing him outright would produce the same numbers as above, thought that would seem to not make use of his trade value. As a post-June 1 cut, Buffalo would add only $3.2 million of dead space in 2018 but add a huge chunk to their 2019 salary cap.

The moral of this story should be this; if the Bills are going to trade or release Glenn we will know in the next month.

Cordy Glenn

2018 cap hit: $14.45 million
Salary due: $9.25 million
Dead money: $9.6 million
Cap savings if traded before March : $4.85 million
Cap savings as post-June 1 release: $11.25 million

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