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Star Lotulelei Buffalo Bills introductory press conference transcript

The big defensive lineman is a man of few words.

The Buffalo Bills re-signed Kyle Williams and added defensive tackle Star Lotulelei to solidify the middle of their defensive line this week. On Thursday, Lotulelei, now the most expensive player on the Bills roster, spoke with the media at One Bills Drive.

Q: Obviously, the connections with Brandon [Beane] and Sean [McDermott] must have been part of the reason, but if you could maybe expand on what brought you here ultimately?

A: A couple different things, mostly just being familiar with the defensive scheme, not having to go over to a different team and go through a whole new playbook. That was the biggest thing was just being real familiar with the playbook here.

Q: Define that, Star, as far as what it is about your familiarity with that and in particular role, why that is something that would, of course, make the most sense, and then if you can define what that understanding is and what your role is in that scheme?

A: My role is whatever the team needs me to do, whatever the defense needs from me. I’m going to come in and just work, do whatever we need to do to get some wins. The team did a great job in going to the playoffs last year, so [I’ll will try to] help us go a little bit further. As far as being familiar, Coach McDermott was part of the organization in Carolina when I was drafted, so I know him, Brandon Beane. Like I said, the playbook [is] a huge thing for me.

Q: What is your relationship with Sean and Brandon Beane like?

A: It’s a good relationship; I enjoyed the time I had with Coach McDermott in Carolina; he was a great coach. Being able to play here [and] play for him again, was, like I said, part of why I decided to come here.

Q: Star, knowing that your future was somewhat up in the air even maybe like last summer when you were being asked about your future and your contract, knowing that Sean was here and Brandon Beane was here, did it even cross your mind? When did it first cross your mind that the Bills might be a possibility in this whole process?

A: Really, just when my agent started telling me. You never know being in this business; you never know where you’re going to be next. You never know wat’s going to happen. They don’t tell you too much. Grateful that it was here.

Q: Seeing how this defensive line has kind of taken shape over the last three days here, how excited are you about the possibility? You’ve got Trent [Murphy] on the edge now with Jerry Hughes, you’ll be lining up next to Kyle [Williams]. Just what are your thoughts there?

A: Yeah, I’m excited man. I had the opportunity to play with some real great players in Carolina, so coming here and being a part of this defensive line and this front, this defense, is exciting for me. A guy like Kyle Williams, I’ve been a big fan of his. Coming here and having the opportunity to learn from him as well as play alongside him will be great.

Q: Star, back to the whole role thing, it sounds like it’s not about how many tackles you accumulate, how many sacks you’re going to get, is it more about that sort of team fir thing? Is that emphasized?

A: Like I said, I’m here to do what the team asks. What they need from me, produce, too, as well. Like I said, the team comes first; what they need from me, that’s what I’m going to do. Whatever the coaches ask of me, that’s what I’ll do.

Q: What do you know about Kyle Williams, just studying him?

A: I know he’s a heck of a player. He’s got great versatility, great athleticism. You saw him running the ball last year; he’s got a couple touchdowns under his belt. He’s just, from what I hear, a great leader, a great locker room guy, so just everything you want out of a veteran and one of your leaders. Like I said, I’m excited to play with him, play with the d-line and the defense.

Q: Do you take pride in maybe trying to free up your teammates to make plays?

A: If doing what I do helps others be great at what they do, then that’s fine. Like I said, I was part of a front that had some real good players in Carolina, so I helped them, but at the same time, they helped me. I think that’s exactly what we’ve got going here; everybody’s going to help each other.