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2018 NFL Draft: quarterback race is on as New York Jets trade up to number three

The AFC East QB watch just got really interesting.

The New York Jets made a huge move on Saturday, sending the sixth overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft to the Indianapolis Colts for the third overall pick. New York sent two second round picks this year plus their 2019 second round pick to move up three spots.

The move puts pressure on Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane who has been positioning his team for a big trade up. Now one of those trade partners is gone and another quarterback-needy team stands in their way. If Buffalo had a shot at the pick, the ability to stay in the top six as opposed to dropping to Buffalo's 12 position likely influenced the Bills ability to win the trade war.

The New York Giants are now in control of the draft at the number two pick. They can sit tight and take their guy or demand a king's ransom to move ahead of their cross-stadium rivals.

The very real possibility exists that Buffalo might not be able to get any of the players they covet the most at the most important position on the field.