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Family of Zay Jones responds in aftermath of vandalism arrest

Zay’s father and brother both took to Twitter today.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones has been released from police custody and is resting with his family, reports his father Robert Jones. The elder Jones is a former 10-year NFL veteran and took to Twitter to share his thanks.

Also taking to Twitter was Cayleb Jones, Zay’s older brother. Cayleb Jones can be seen trying to calm his brother in the bizarre video first posted to TMZ on Tuesday night. Ultimately Zay evades him as allegedly smashed his foot through the window of the 30th floor balcony, leaving him bloodied. Cayleb then reportedly prevented Zay from attempting to crawl through the hole in the window to the danger on the other side. His message reflected his care for Zay.

Prosecutors have not yet filed a case against Jones and have asked police to investigate further. It was reported last night that he had been charged with felony vandalism.

The NFL and Buffalo Bills have released only brief statements saying they are aware of the matter.