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No trades, no quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in latest SB Nation Mock Draft

The Bills settle for a linebacker and a wide receiver after four quarterbacks get drafted in the first five picks.

The New York Jets’ recent trade into the top five picks of the 2018 NFL Draft bruises the Buffalo Bills’ chances of drafting a quarterback. With that in mind, SB Nation’s Dan Kadar portends that the Jets trade will have a cascading effect on the rest of the draft, as teams desperate for quarterbacks decide to take them early. Despite trading to the twelfth pick, that would leave the Bills out to dry. Despite this, the Bills do benefit in a way, as elite players at other positions tumble down the board.

12. Buffalo Bills (via Cincinnati Bengals:) Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech

The Bills are the big loser in New York’s jump up to the third pick. That means Buffalo might have to give up a huge amount of draft capital if they want to go get a quarterback. But if the cost is too steep — and they actually happen to really like AJ McCarron — they could build out their roster with two first-round choices.

If the Bills miss out on the quarterbacks, they are in a good spot to find a big-impact linebacker, whether it’s Edmunds or Roquan Smith of Georgia.

22. Buffalo Bills (via Kansas City Chiefs): D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland

An offensive lineman or cornerback is an option here, but wide receiver should be as well. The Bills don’t get much production from their wide outs, and Moore could quickly assert himself as a No. 1 option.

Grif’s take:

I doubt this scenario would come to pass on draft day, but if it did, the Bills would at least be guaranteed two great prospects. Tremaine Edmunds has the athletic profile of an Anthony Barr or KJ Wright, two dominant off-the-ball linebackers. He isn’t the most cerebral player at the position, but his 4.5 speed at 250 pounds makes up for any diagnosing deficiencies.

DJ Moore’s stock has been on the rise as more draft analysts catch up on his tape. Unlike Edmunds, Moore isn’t an overwhelming athlete but gets by on precise route-running and above-average hands.