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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones will not be charged in vandalism incident

He avoids a big problem.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones won’t be charged in the bizarre incident from Monday night that caused him to be arrested, the Los Angeles County district attorney said citing lack of sufficient evidence. The news was shared first by TMZ and confirmed almost immediately by the Associated Press.

Jones was arrested Monday night after allegedly breaking a 30th floor window with his foot, leaving him bloodied. His brother purportedly subdued him after he broke the window until police arrived. He was sent for medical evaluation and released early Wednesday morning where he spent time with his parents. The cause of his outburst has remained under wraps, as Jones and his family haven’t shared the reason behind the incident.

This is the best possible legal outcome for Jones, but he could still face discipline from the NFL for the arrest. Similar incidents have not resulted in suspensions for other players in the past but there’s always a chance. At the very least, he can expect a phone call.