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Details emerge explaining why Zay Jones will not be charged with crime

The wide receiver’s cooperation, along with that of his family, has something to do with it

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones will not be charged with a crime related to his arrest on March 19. Via Mike Rodak of ESPN, we now have some idea as to why.

Rodak tweeted that the family of the 22 year-old Jones has been “cooperative and had assumed financial responsibility” for the damages incurred during the bizarre incident. Rodak also said that prosecutors declined to take the case because “the apartment complex was not willing to prove their initial claim of $20,000 in damages and there was no surveillance footage available outside that published by TMZ.”

John Wawrow of the Associated Press tweeted that the very same prosecutor’s office found that there was insufficient evidence “to show that Jones acted with ‘malice’ or to ‘annoy’ or ‘injure’ someone.” Wawrow also notes that the police report stated that Jones “was covered in blood once police arrived.

When news of the arrest broke, video footage of Jones’ incident with his brother, Cayleb, spread quickly via social media. While Zay Jones has been silent since his arrest, the Bills issued a statement, and both Cayleb Jones and his father, Raymond, have since tweeted about the incident.

With no charges filed, a suspension for the incident is unlikely to follow. The Bills are still likely to investigate and follow up, though.