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Should the Buffalo Bills orchestrate massive NFL Draft trade up to get their quarterback?

What would you do if you were Brandon Beane?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest stories during this NFL off-season has revolved around the Buffalo Bills, and what the team will do in the first round of this year’s draft. The discussion and debate have gone back and forth since the end of the season, with emotions swinging in different directions with each trade or free-agent signing.

Some recent moves have fans and members of the media convinced that the Bills are looking to trade to the top of the first round to select a quarterback. The trade of Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns left a gaping hole at quarterback for the Bills, and returned the first pick of the third round in the draft. The Bills also traded Cordy Glenn to the Cincinnati Bengals, a move that allowed them to jump to the number 12 pick in the first round.

Combine these trades with a relatively modest contract for new quarterback AJ McCarron, the New York Jets trade to the third pick, and many are convinced the Bills will make a blockbuster trade to move up even further in the draft. But just because fans may be convinced that the team is looking to make a trade with the New York Giants for the second pick, it does not mean that is what Brandon Beane will do.

Now it is your chance to share what you would do if you were the general manager of the Bills. There are three options presented below, and feel free to share your comments below.

Scenario 1: Stay put

No one knows how the Bills front office has rated the quarterback prospects in the draft. Beane may covet the athleticism and potential of Lamar Jackson, or may be enamored with the poise and skillset of Mason Rudolph. The team can keep all of their draft picks, select a quarterback with the twelth selection and address other needs with the rest of their picks.

Likely options - Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph

Scenario 2: Trade up to 2

It is well documented that Brandon Beane used to work for Dave Gettelman of the New York Giants. There is plenty of speculation around what the Giants could do with this selection, and it would be a hefty price for the Bills to move up. In this scenario the Bills would give the Giants picks 12, 22, 53, 65 and a future first to move up to number two. Yes, this is a lot to move up, but if the Bills believe their franchise quarterback is available in this spot one could argue it is well worth the price. This scenario also leaves the Bills with picks 56 and 96 in the 2018 draft.

Likely options - Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen

Scenario 3: Trade up to 8

This third scenario is a bit of a hedge, but could be realistic depending on what happens early in the draft. The Giants and Broncos could choose to select marquee players at non-quarterback positions. If this does happen, it is likely that Josh Allen and/or Baker Mayfield could fall out of the top-5 in the draft. This would allow the Bills to make a relatively smaller trade to move up and get a quarterback. In this scenario the Bills package picks 12 and 65 to move up to the eighth pick from the Chicago Bears. This would allow the Bills to stay ahead of the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals, two other clubs that may be in the market for a quarterback.

Likely options - Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen


Which draft scenario would you do?

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  • 32%
    Stay put
    (1553 votes)
  • 25%
    Trade up to #2 with the Giants
    (1200 votes)
  • 42%
    Trade up to #8 with the Bears
    (2036 votes)
4789 votes total Vote Now

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