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Stadium talk and more from Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula at the annual owners’ meeting

Terry Pegula gives insight into many things Bills related during the owners’ annual meeting

Buffalo Bills co-owner Terry Pegula spoke with the media on Tuesday from the NFL’s annual owner meetings and had some interesting tidbits about his involvement in a replacement for New Era Field, the 2018 NFL Draft, and much more.

Before we start off with the details, a happy birthday shout out to Terry Pegula. On his (guessing 29th) birthday, Terry Pegula was pumped for information by reporters during the 2018 league meetings.

On New Era Field

When asked about exercising the opt-out clause for New Era Field, Pegula indicated “We talk about that heavily internally, but not publicly.” It was later clarified that this was intended to reflect that long-term stadium plans are discussed heavily, not necessarily the opt out clause specifically.

On the QB situation and trading up

Pegula stated that the Bills aren’t “in as bad of shape as you might think we are right now” at the QB position, citing the AJ McCarron signing and that Nathan Peterman “has grown a lot.”

Pegula confirmed he has gone on some of the pre-draft workout visits for QBs and that he has enjoyed seeing and “talking to young adult athletes.”

Pegula wouldn’t speak to a possible move up the draft board again, instead stating ““I’m going to pretend I’m playing poker with you right now.”


Sal Capaccio asked about lifting the weight of the playoff drought: “[It’s] Mostly off the fans shoulders. You know you’ve got to feel good for our fans. Now we’ve got to keep it going. It’s not good enough.”

Regarding player protests and league discussions surrounding them: ““We are working towards a resolution. The players, the owners, coaching staff, our management, we all love our country and it’s a tough, tough situation. And we’re working towards a resolution, the league, hopefully soon.” And “We’re all Americans. Some people voice themselves differently than I would. I do different things than you would about something that is bothering us...I respect my players. I respect the players union. We’ll try to get a solution that all Americans are happy with”