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2018 NFL Scouting Combine: Losers

Thanks to poor showings at the Combine, these player’s draft stock will experience a precipitous fall.

For those NFL Draft prospects that can meet certain height/weight/speed thresholds, the NFL Combine is a golden opportunity to improve their draft stock. For the multitude of players that are unable to meet those certain athletic thresholds, the Combine has the ability to torpedo draft stocks. Below are some of the latter types of players whose athletic numbers were not just unimpressive, rather they could sabotage their draft value.

Orlando Brown, offensive tackle, Oklahoma

It’s difficult to articulate just how historically poor Brown’s Combine performance was. How’s this: His 40-yard dash time was almost bested by NFL Network journalist Rich Eisen, running in a suit and tie. The 6’8” 345-pound tackle put up 14 reps on the bench press, a number put up by multiple receivers and defensive backs. Worst of all, he was berated by coaches for loafing his way through drills. Brown should expect to be picked no earlier than the third day of the draft as a consequence despite receiving early buzz as a late first rounder.

Auden Tate, wide receiver, Florida State

Tate won the measurement contest by coming in at 6’4”, 228-pounds with 33-inch arms. He failed to make much of an impact in athletic testing however, as he found himself in near the bottom in most of the drills he chose to participate in. In the draft, the former Seminole should find himself selected after the fourth round.

Mark Walton, running back, Miami

Pegged as an underrated gem coming in to the combine, Walton was expected to put up decent numbers after measuring in at 5’10”, 202-pounds. After turning in a 40-yard dash time of 4.6 those expectations were thrown by the wayside. Walton will be scheme-limited to zone rushing attacks in the NFL.

Keishawn Bierria, linebacker, Washington

Well-thought-of during the college football season, Bierria was considered one of the better weak side linebacker prospects in the country. Unfortunately, Bierra’s combine results were almost identical to players 10 or more pounds heavier than the 230-pound Washington linebacker. That essentially leaves Bierria without an NFL position: too light to play middle linebacker, too slow to play outside linebacker.

Tarvarus McFadden, cornerback, Florida State

Another player that was highly touted during the 2017 season, McFadden was considered to be lock for the draft’s second day. Unfortunately, after his participation in the combine, his athletic profile is similar to former Seminole corner Marquez White, a former sixth round draft pick. McFadden may benefit from a move to safety.