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Buffalo Bills working out USC quarterback Sam Darnold is not a big deal

Why this hysteria over a workout?

The Buffalo Bills will head to Southern California on Friday to work out USC quarterback Sam Darnold. While some might have you believe this is a really significant event, it’s another step in the process leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft and doesn’t necessarily mean a huge move to the top is in the works.

“There’s no way he lasts past three,” says Rich Eisen in the clip above. “Why would the Bills go into Los Angeles and look at Sam Darnold unless they are willing to [trade up to 2]?”

Darnold is expected to be one of the top two or three picks later this month, with most speculating he’ll end up going number one overall to the Cleveland Browns. That doesn’t mean the Bills should completely ignore him, though. In 2016, Buffalo’s team did extensive work on Carson Wentz and Jared Goff knowing they wouldn’t be able to trade up and select either at the top.

The Bills are meeting with a bunch of players. Between private workouts and pre-draft visits in Buffalo, the team is probably meeting with all the top throwers this month (though that isn’t confirmed). There is no way they are going to draft all of them, so putting together their board and ranking the prospects is the priority, one would assume.

We’ve read the argument over and over since Ian Rapoport first reported the workout, that the Bills wouldn’t waste their money to fly out to USC to scout a player they won’t be able to draft at 12 so this signifies a huge trade up is looming. Bills owners Kim & Terry Pegula told Mary Wilson to name her price then paid it to her when he bought the team. They have enough money to send a plane to California without worrying too much.

This is doing your job. This is what NFL teams do.

In the 2006 NFL Draft, it was supposed to come down to Reggie Bush and Vince Young for the top pick. Instead, Mario Williams goes number one overall. Supposed high lock Matt Leinart slips to 10. Predicting what’s going to happen is necessary, but preparing for every eventuality is, too.

Could it be significant? Absolutely. Are the Bills willing to pull off a massive trade? I certainly think so. Does this mean they are going to? Not really.