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Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito says he’s retiring

The 34-year-old has played 11 seasons in the NFL

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills veteran offensive guard Richie Incognito has told The Buffalo News he is retiring. Incognito first told The MMQB’s Peter King he was “considering retirement” but “may return for one last season, at the right price.”

Incognito is unhappy with his contract situation, but says that’s not the reason he’s retiring.

”It pisses me the f off. The contract and all that pissed me the f off and all that, but (retiring) has nothing to do with that,” Incognito told told Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News.

In March, it was reported that Incognito had restructured his contract with the Bills. Then he fired his agent. Now Incognito told King that has had recent talks with the Bills regarding his contract, and that he has until Sunday to change his mind about retiring. He was more certain with Carucci saying he “absolutely would not” change his mind.

“I’m, done. That’s it. It’s been a long career. Went to the doctor. My liver and kidneys are shutting down. The stress is killing me. It’s just about doing what’s right,” Incognito told Carucci. “I just want to be in the Hall of Fame.”

The 34-year-old Incognito has spent the last three season with the Bills after finding himself out of football during in 2014 after he was labelled as a bully, along with a few of his then-Miami Dolphins teammates, over their locker room dealings with former NFL player Jonathan Martin.

Incognito has been named a Pro Bowler each of his last three seasons with Buffalo, and obviously was a big contributor in helping the team end its 17-year playoff drought last season. A third-round pick of the then-St. Louis Rams in 2005, Incognito spent parts of four seasons with the Rams before being cut late in the 2009 season and being picked up on waivers by the Bills. He then spent the next four seasons with the Dolphins, earning a Pro Bowl nod with them in 2012, before signing with the Bills ahead the 2015 season.

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