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Brandon Beane discusses process on NFL draft trades and moving up

The Bills’ general manager discussed how draft trades are built over time.

As reported earlier this week, Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane sat down with media on Monday to discuss all things Bills. As was expected, a large amount of time was dedicated to the 2018 NFL Draft. Along the way, Brandon Beane provided insight into the trade process itself, along with some tidbits about different trade scenarios.

“If I have a really good relationship with the GM or somebody high up there, I might text or call them directly,” said Beane. “If Sean does, or Joe Schoen or Terrance Gray, one of the guys that’s done a lot of the work and the leadership in the room, if he’s really, ‘hey check with him, tell him we’re interested in this or see if they’re interested in that’, that’s generally how it would start. Then if it leads to, ‘hey, there is an interest’, then I would get on with the GM.”

The timing of the trades is also something ravenous Bills fans are interested in. With the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets pulling off an early swap to move the quarterback-needy Jets into the top three picks, the pressure has been turned up on Buffalo.

“You know, it happens all over the place,” said Beane of the timing. “Most of it happens close to the draft, but the Colts and Jets worked something out weeks ago. That was before the owners meetings. I would say that that doesn’t happen very often, but it did. Most of it, I would say, happens closer.”

Most analysts expect the Bills to move up to take a quarterback. How far they’ll go, and what they are willing to give up, remains to be seen.