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Should the Buffalo Bills trade six NFL Draft picks to select Josh Allen?

If the Bills want to secure his services, that might be the cost to acquire him.

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Ian Kenyon is probably not a household name among Buffalo Bills fans. He sent out a tweet regarding former Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen that largely went under the radar, but may be of interest to Bills fans.

The tweet is a doozy.

“Crazy tidbit on @sticktofootball this morning... Josh Allen could go no. 1, and if he doesn’t, the Bills could be looking at packaging six (6!!!) picks to move up to no. 2 to grab Josh Allen.”

In that same thread, Kenyon has a back-and-forth with some followers. Here is what really stood out:

“As far as it being news... There’s a big difference between you speculating based on the ammo they have, and people reporting what they’re hearing from league sources.”

It is understood that the weeks leading up to the draft are filled with lies, damned lies, and statistics. Indeed, in following the StickToFootball Twitter account, they also say that the New York Giants will take former USC quarterback Sam Darnold second overall if the Cleveland Browns take Allen first, based on what “6 or 7 NFL guys” are telling them. (No, there’s no word on whether those 6 or 7 guys work for the Giants, and if they do, what sort of work they actually perform. Janitorial, perhaps?)

Here is a quick bio on Kenyon, so you can decide whether or not to buy what he is selling.

Ian Kenyon has been the NFL Associate Editor for Bleacher Report, since 2012, and currently resides in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. In his role, Ian hires and manages NFL feature columnists for Bleacher Report and heads the production, creation, and execution of Bleacher Report NFL’s content. Bleacher Report, owned by Turner Sports, is a leading digital sports and entertainment news and content platform.

If Allen is on the board at 2 - with Darnold going to Cleveland - do you want the Bills to ship 6 unnamed picks (certainly at least 3 of the early picks in this draft) to the Giants for the right to draft him? Should the Bills trade those selections for a different quarterback? Or, should the Bills stand pat and hope that Allen falls into their laps at pick number 12?