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Brandon Beane keeping 2018 NFL Draft plans secret - even from his wife

Couples share everything...except who their team wants to draft!

Married couples aren’t supposed to keep secrets from each other, but for at least this week and this part of his life, Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane plans on keeping something significant from his wife, Hayley: the team’s draft board.

The Buffalo Bills are expected to be major players in the upcoming NFL Draft, which runs April 26-28 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Despite the scrutiny Beane is under to make a major splash at the draft — either by trading up to select a franchise quarterback or by standing pat and filling the team’s holes at middle linebacker, cornerback, wide receiver, and along the offensive line — Beane isn’t discussing his intentions for Buffalo’s picks at home with his wife and family.

“Yeah, it doesn’t leave this building, so no, my wife doesn’t know,” Beane said during a pre-draft session with members of the media. “No, it’s very tight. Listen, I’m not talking about guys in the second round, either, the third round, or whoever, at any position. I think it’s bad form. I think you’re competitively hurting yourself. Anything that you can do to competitively hurt yourself is bad. We keep it pretty close to the vest what we’re doing.”

Buffalo currently possesses six of the top 96 picks, including a pair of first-rounders at number 12 and 22 overall. With plenty of areas of concern on the roster, Beane and his staff have been doing their homework and investigating potential fits to improve the roster for months now.

It seems a safe bet that Hayley and the other members of Beane’s family are not consulting Beane on how to use those valuable draft picks.