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2018 NFL Draft first round open thread

What will the Buffalo Bills do with their two first round picks?

The night that all Buffalo Bills fans have waited for since, well, last year’s NFL Draft is here! The 2018 NFL Draft kicks off this evening at 8 PM Eastern. As it stands now, Buffalo picks twice in the draft’s opening round; at number 12 and number 22. However, with rumors connecting Buffalo to every major quarterback prospect in the draft, a trade is a definite possibility.

With needs at quarterback, wide receiver, offensive tackle, guard, center, and linebacker, the Bills could certainly decide to use all of their seven selections in the draft to fill holes. They could also turn those picks into one premium choice to acquire the franchise quarterback the team has lacked since Jim Kelly retired after the 1996 season.

Will the Bills trade up this year? Will they trade back for more picks like they did last year? Will they stand pat and make all of their selections where they currently rest? Let’s talk about that here, fellow Bills fans. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Go Bills!