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Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly returned home Wednesday following cancer-related jaw reconstruction

Following successful surgery, K-Gun is back in Buffalo.

In the midst of all the pre-draft excitement, the Buffalo Bills community breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday as it was announced that former Bills Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Jim Kelly, returned to Western New York after undergoing surgery to reconstruct his upper jaw.

Kelly first announced the surgery earlier this year, saying it was originally scheduled to reconstruct the portion affected by cancer treatment years ago. But Kelly shared the terrifying news that his oral cancer had returned yet again, necessitating a full upper jaw reconstruction instead of a partial reconstruction. He traveled to Mount Sinai West Hospital in New York City for the procedure.

Kelly’s daughter, Erin, posted this picture on Instagram Wednesday:

We’re Coming Home Buffalo!!!

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The surgery was performed at the beginning of April by Dr. Mark Urken who seemed optimistic after releasing the following statement regarding Kelly’s recovery thus far:

“The speed of that process, considering the extensive nature of his surgery, was a function of his toughness, the firmness of his resolve, his faith and the support of his family,” said Urken. “All of those factors will continue to serve him well as he moves on to the next phase of his rehabilitation.”

Kelly was first diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma back in 2013 when he underwent his first surgery to remove part of his upper jaw. The cancer returned in 2014 and spread to his nasal cavities which necessitated chemotherapy and an arduous recovery process. Bills fans everywhere are hoping this will be the last time their beloved quarterback has to battle the awful disease.