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2018 NFL Draft: New York Giants looking to trade down from second pick, per rumor

It’s being reported that the Giants are looking to move down from the number two pick in in the draft to fill team needs

It’s being reported by ESPN’s Diana Russini that the New York Giants are looking to trade down in the 2018 NFL Draft. The Giants currently hold the second pick for tonight’s festivities, with only the Cleveland Browns in front of them.

The Buffalo Bills have long been felt to be attempting to move up in the draft to select their quarterback of the future. The second pick held by the Giants has been one of the more frequently mentioned options for the Bills.

Per Russini, she spoke with a Giants source that indicated the feeling in their building today is that the Giants are looking to trade down. The unnamed source was questioned on the motivation behind the feeling and the response given was “we have a ton of needs.” Per Russini, the Giants are “contemplating all options.”

Many estimates of cost have been proposed. During the SB Nation mock draft, Buffalo Rumblings worked out a deal with Big Blue View that would have the Bills giving up both of their first round picks, a second, and third round pick in the 2018 draft and a second round next year to move up to the second overall pick.