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Buffalo Bills not willing to trade two round 1 picks, per report

Draft night is 45 minutes old and is already wild.

The Buffalo Bills were predicted by many to attempt to trade up earlier in round one of the 2018 NFL Draft in order to get their franchise quarterback. The first real chance for that came with pick number four, the second Cleveland Browns pick in the first round. But with no trade up, fans were wondering why.

According to NFL Network, Bills general manager Brandon Beane was on the phones attempting to get a deal in place with the Browns to get the 4th overall pick. However, the Bills GM is unwilling to trade two first round picks. Not willing to give up good draft assets could make it difficult for Buffalo to move up.

If the Bills don’t use pick 22, they still have 53, 56, 65, and 96 in the first three rounds available to trade up.