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Buffalo Bills get right value in trade up for Tremaine Edmunds

According to every draft chart, Buffalo nearly broke even on the trade.

The Buffalo Bills overpaid to move up and select Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft but received good value for their move to get Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds.

Buffalo traded picks 22 and 65 (third round, acquired for Tyrod Taylor) for 16th overall and 154 (fifth round).

According to the Jimmy Johnson trade chart, Buffalo gave up 780 + 265 for 1045 total points and received 1000 + 30 for 1030 points in return, a pretty fair shake if there was one. The new chart, shown here from our friends at PatsPulpit, shows Buffalo gave up 252.71 + 77.95 (330.66 total) and received 305.41 + 10.84 (316.25) in return. In both, the very slight edge goes to the Ravens, but it’s a negligible excess.

The Bills will still have a full compliment of draft picks, with an extra first rounder and an extra fifth rounder taking the place of a second round pick. Seven round, eight picks.