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Full 2018 NFL Draft order for rounds 2 & 3: Buffalo Bills have one pick

The Bills have a long way to go before they make a selection Friday night

What once appeared to be a busy day in the 2018 NFL Draft for the Buffalo Bills now seems as if it will instead be a long wait.

Due to a pair of trades that landed the Bills their quarterback of the future, Wyoming junior Josh Allen, and their middle linebacker of the future, Virginia Tech junior Tremaine Edmunds, the Bills are only slated to pick once on Day two. They hold pick number 96, which they acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles last season in a trade for Ronald Darby.

Of course, general manager Brandon Beane could try to find a way to wheel and deal his way into a higher draft pick, but such a move seems unlikely. The Bills previously possessed picks number 21 and 24 in round 2 (53 and 56 overall), as well as pick number 1 in round 3 (65 overall), but those picks were dealt to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Baltimore Ravens, respectively, last night. Buffalo's original third rounder, pick 85, was traded for Kelvin Benjamin.

Buffalo Bills 2018 Draft Selections

Round Pick Notes
Round Pick Notes
1 7 Tampa Bay Buccanneers pick, acquired during 2018 NFL Draft to pick Josh Allen
xxx Cincinnati Bengals pick, acquired as part of Cordy Glenn trade, traded for Josh Allen (12)
xxx Buffalo's 1st round selection traded away as part of Cordy Glenn trade (21)
1 16 Baltimore Ravens pick, acquired during 2018 NFL Draft to pick Tremaine Edmunds
xxx Kansas City Chiefs pick, acquired during 2017 NFL Draft (22)
xxx Buffalo Bills' original pick, traded to select Josh Allen (53)
xxx Los Angeles Rams pick, acquired in Sammy Watkins trade, traded to select Josh Allen (56)
xxx Cleveland Browns pick, acquired in Tyrod Taylor trade, traded as part of Edmunds deal (65)
xxx Buffalo's 3rd round selection traded away as part of Kelvin Benjamin deal (85)
3 96 Philadelphia Eagles pick, acquired in Ronald Darby trade
4 121 Buffalo Bills' original pick
xxx Buffalo's 5th round selection traded away as part of Cordy Glenn trade (158)
5 154 Baltimroe Ravens' pick, acquired as part of trade for Tremaine Edmunds
5 166 Jacksonville Jaguars' pick, acquired in Marcell Dareus trade
6 187 Cincinnati Bengals pick, acquired as part of Cordy Glenn trade
xxx Buffalo's 6th round selection traded away as part of Sammy Watkins trade (195)
xxx L.A. Chargers' pick acquired in trade for Cardale Jones, traded away as part of Benjamin deal (234)
xxx Bills' 7th round pick traded away for Larentee McCray (239)
7 255 Bucs' pick, trade as part of Josh Allen trade

The order for Friday night stands as follows:

2- 1-33: Cleveland

2- 2-34: New York Giants

2- 3-35: Cleveland (from Houston)

2- 4-36: Indianapolis

2- 5-37: Indianapolis (from New York Jets)

2- 6-38: Tampa Bay

2- 7-39: Chicago

2- 8-40: Denver

2- 9-41: Oakland

2-10-42: Miami

2-11-43: New England (from San Francisco)

2-12-44: Washington

2-13-45: Green Bay

2-14-46: Cincinnati

2-15-47: Arizona

2-16-48: Los Angeles Chargers

2-17-49: Indianapolis (from New York Jets through Seattle)

2-18-50: Dallas

2-19-51: Detroit

2-20-52: Philadelphia (from Baltimore)

2-21-53: Tampa Bay (from Buffalo)

2-22-54: Kansas City

2-23-55: Carolina

2-24-56: Tampa Bay (from Buffalo via Los Angeles Rams)

2-25-57: Tennessee

2-26-58: Atlanta

2-27-59: San Francisco (from New Orleans)

2-28-60: Pittsburgh

2-29-61: Jacksonville

2-30-62: Minnesota

2-31-63: New England

2-32-64: Cleveland (from Philadelphia)

3- 1-65: Baltimore (from Buffalo via Cleveland)

3- 2-66: New York Giants

3- 3-67: Indianapolis

3- 4-68: Houston

3- 5-69: New York Giants (from Tampa Bay)

3- 6-70: San Francisco (from Chicago)

3- 7-71: Denver

3- 8-72: New York Jets

3- 9-73: Miami

3-10-74: San Francisco

3-11-75: Oakland

3-12-76: Seattle (from Green Bay)

3-13-77: Cincinnati

3-14-78: Kansas City (from Washington)

3-15-79: Pittsburgh (from Oakland via Arizona)

3-16-80: Houston (from Seattle)

3-17-81: Dallas

3-18-82: Detroit

3-19-83: Baltimore

3-20-84: Los Angeles Chargers

3-21-85: Carolina (from Buffalo)

3-22-86: Kansas City

3-23-87: Los Angeles Rams

3-24-88: Carolina

3-25-89: Tennessee

3-26-90: Atlanta

3-27-91: New Orleans

3-28-92: Pittsburgh

3-29-93: Jacksonville

3-30-94: Minnesota

3-31-95: New England

3-32-96: Buffalo (from Philadelphia)

3-33-97: Arizona (Compensatory Selection)

3-34-98: Houston (Compensatory Selection)

3-35-99: Denver (Compensatory Selection)

3-36-100: Cincinnati (Compensatory Selection)