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Buffalo Bills on brink of earning 2019 compensatory pick

One more.

There was a lot of talk last offseason about compensatory picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. While none of them came to pass in 2018, the Buffalo Bills are on the cusp of picking up an extra selection in the 2019 NFL Draft according to the Over The Cap cancellation chart.

With Jordan Matthews and Joe Webb signing contracts elsewhere last week, Buffalo now has the same number of lost free agents as signed free agents. The first step in the compensatory formula is to have a net loss of free agents. If another of Buffalo’s free agents is signed away or if the Bills release one of the qualifying free agents they have signed before the cutoff date at a point early in the season, they could snag a pick.

By the looks of it, Buffalo’s remaining free agents aren’t likely to turn many heads. Brandon Tate, Mike Tolbert, Colt Anderson, Leonard Johnson, Cedric Thornton, Shamarko Thomas, and Jeremy Butler have not been in demand.

On the other hand, Terrence Fede, Julian Stanford, and Rafael Bush could all be released at some point and Buffalo could earn a pick.

At best, Buffalo might be able to hope for a sixth round pick or two should some ideal scenario moving forward come to pass. It’s nothing we are getting our hopes up about.