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Buffalo Bills president Russ Brandon resigns from post

The resignation reportedly followed an internal investigation of misconduct.

Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and Pegula Sports and Entertainment president Russ Brandon has resigned from his post, effective Tuesday. Pegula Sports and Entertainment announced the shakeup shortly after reporters published the news, putting out a statement on behalf of the companies.

Kim Pegula will assume command of the president post for both teams and PS&E following Brandon’s exit.

Reporter Tim Graham of The Buffalo News added another detail to the resignation story - that it apparently followed an internal investigation into Brandon’s possible misconduct as a PS&E employee.

Kim Pegula on Friday informed Brandon an internal investigation was being conducted. Two sources with knowledge of the investigation said it was triggered by allegations of inappropriate relationships with female employees.

When confronted by Kim Pegula, the sources said, Brandon denied any such relationships, but the investigation indicated he was deceitful about that and other job-related issues that were uncovered.

Brandon made a brief statement to The Associated Press to cover his own reasons for moving on from the team:

Brandon had been involved with the Bills since November 1997, and a high-ranking executive since 2006. Brandon had come under fire with fans due to his time as general manager, but earned the trust of owners to handle the financial side of two professional sports teams.