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3 things we love and 3 things we hate about the Buffalo Bills 2018 NFL Draft class

For better or worse, with Josh Allen among the group, this year’s class will be talked remembered for many years to come

The NFL draft is always a memorable night for Buffalo Bills fans, but 2018’s version will not soon be forgotten as the Bills were able to wheel and deal to get Josh Allen, who they hope will be the long overdue answer to the noted quarterback problems they’ve had over the years. The excitement, however, didn’t stop at Allen, the Bills pulled off another impressive move in leapfrogging up to get youngin’ Tremaine Edmunds, who draft experts believe has the potential to perhaps someday be enshrined in Canton.

With this coming weekend marking the first time the 2018 Bills class will hit the field in Buffalo colors as part of the team’s two-day rookie minicamp, here are three things that I love about this year’s Bills class.

1. The team now has what hopes is its QB savior

Whether you’re a fan of Allen or would have rather seen the Bills take one of the other high-profile QBs in the draft, you have to respect the fact that Buffalo actually pulled the trigger to move up on draft night and get their guy. The Bills haven’t had a true franchise quarterback since Jim Kelly hung up his cleats 21 years ago, so good on Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane for wasting almost no time at all in getting their young protégé.

2. Edmunds could be an all-time great

Edmund’s size (6’5”, 253 lbs.) and speed (4.55 forty) combined with his performance in college at Virginia Tech (213 tackles, 10.0 sacks), has folks drooling about the linebacker’s crazy potential. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s going to be coached by McDermott, who oversaw the development of a couple fellow stud linebackers during his days with the Carolina Panthers in Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis.

3. DT Phillips could be a worthy successor for Williams

Harrison Phillips, a nose tackles, recorded a whopping 100 tackles last season for the Stanford Cardinal! If that doesn’t get your blood pumping than I don’t what will. It’s great for the Bills that Kyle Williams is returning for another season and can take Phillips under his wing and mentor him.

And now, here are three things that I didn’t like about this year’s Bills class:

1. None of the wideouts drafted seem like true impact receivers

After producing the NFL’s second-lowest receiving yards total and losing two of their better wide receivers in free agency, The Bills are in desperate need of help at the position. But neither Ray-Ray McCloud (sixth round, 187th overall) a miniature, dangerous return man, or Austin Proehl (seventh round, 255th overall) a miniature player with just decent stats, is the answer to the Bills’ problems.

2. No running backs were drafted

LeSean McCoy will hit the dreaded 30 years of age mark for running backs before the season starts but still projects to be one of the best backs in the league. The depth behind him is concerning, though, especially seeing as the Bills will either trot out a rookie QB or one that has never been a full-time starter in the league. In addition, I’m not much of a believer in fellow 30-year-old Chris Ivory, and I especially don’t like the contract the Bills gave him.

3. Would have liked to see the Bills pay more attention to the O-line

The Bills’ unit wasn’t very good collectively in 2017. They added guard Wyatt Teller (fifth round, 166th overall) in the draft, but with so many questions on the line following the departures of starters Eric Wood and Richie Incognito, I would have liked to have seen the Bills at least grab a center, too.