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Buffalo Bills fan Micah Wright chooses his country over his team

Wright, a private in the Army, gave up his season tickets so he could serve his country.

Buffalo Bills fans are known to be extremely loyal to their team, but when Micah Wright was confronted with a life-changing decision, he opted to give up his Buffalo Bills season tickets to serve his country.

Wright, a private in the Army, grew up rooting for the Bills, and could be found every Sunday decked out in his finest Bills gear rooting for Buffalo. Lucas Wright, Micah’s older brother, told the website Hope Rises based in Cheektowaga that while Micah was proud of his Bills fandom, he is more proud to fulfill his dream and serve his country in the Army.

”He knew very early into high school that he wanted to defend his country, long before most kids even considered their future. He always pushes himself to do better and be better, while remaining one of the nicest and most humble guys I know,” Lucas told Hope Rises.

Wright, who was a season-ticket holder for years, would “wake up early every Sunday to go tailgate and watch the game,” according to Lucas. “(Micah) was sad to lose his season tickets, but felt it was a small price to pay to serve his country and fulfill his dream.”

We salute you, Micah Wright, for serving your country and can’t wait to see you at a future Buffalo Bills game!