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Which Buffalo Bills offseason move do you like the least?

The Buffalo Bills made a plethora of moves this offseason. Come discuss your least favorite(s) with your fellow fans.

The makeup of an NFL team is ever-changing. The offseason is naught but a myriad of storms that shape rosters. This volatile process molds the sentiments of fans, as well, with the mantra of hope known as “next season.” For the Buffalo Bills and their fans, this offseason’s storm has been particularly fierce, with major changes already made from top to bottom. With so many things we might regret later, let’s discuss our least favorite changes.

Quarterback changes are one of the fastest ways to change a team’s fortunes. This offseason, the Bills jettisoned embattled starter Tyrod Taylor. Maybe you think this was unwise. Does AJ McCarron not do it for you? Josh Allen was Brandon Beane’s guy. But he wasn’t for everybody. The Bills made a lot of trades to land him, and perhaps it’s the amount of resources used to grab the QB of the future you dislike.

Elsewhere on offense, Cordy Glenn was traded to the Cincinnati Bengals. Dealing a better than adequate (often great, in fact) left tackle is a bitter pill to swallow. Richie Incognito seemingly voluntarily vacated his spot at left guard. If you’re into reading tea leaves, you might hold it against One Bills Drive for pushing him to a new contract. Losses happen. So if you prefer, the thing you dislike might be the replacements on the line in Russell Bodine and Marshall Newhouse.

There’s a case to be had for errors of omission, as well. The Bills came into the offseason with an uninspiring group at wide receiver. To date, this has been solidified with Jeremy Kerley, Kaelin Clay (whom they cut once already last year) and two very late investments in the draft. Although Ray-Ray McCloud and Austin Proehl have their supporters, based on draft position, it seems clear that receiver was an afterthought for the Bills.

On defense, there are fewer reasons for trepidation. The 2017 Bills were better with cornerback E.J. Gaines on the field. They let him walk, and his replacement, Vontae Davis, has his own injury concerns. Preston Brown wasn’t the most athletic linebacker. Despite replacing him with someone who arguably WILL be the most athletic linebacker (first-round draft pick Tremaine Edmunds), some fans have to be worried about losing Brown’s on-field intelligence.

Have at it, everyone. This is the place to let the darkness consume you (remember the community guidelines, though). What thing(s) was/were the absolute worst? To get the ball rolling, I really dislike the decision to re-do Incognito’s contract. Incognito was reasonably priced for his production, and with the knowledge you’re already missing two starters in Glenn and Eric Wood, the loss is magnified. While there’s no confirmation the new contract snowballed into his retirement and release, as a small spherical object once said, “All signs point to ‘yes.’”