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Peter King thanks two Buffalo Bills greats in final Monday Morning Quarterback column

After 21 years, the veteran NFL journalist is moving on.

Super Bowl XLVI Broadcasters Press Conference Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, veteran NFL journalist Peter King has decided to move on from Sports Illustrated, the publication where he worked for the past 29 years. For 21 of those years, King wrote a hugely popular weekly column entitled Monday Morning Quarterback, which pretty much served as the bible for many NFL fans for all those years.

This past Monday, SI published King’s final column for the site and in it, he thanked a number of current and former NFL players, including a couple of Buffalo Bills greats: special teams ace Steve Tasker and quarterback Frank Reich.

King’s thank you for Tasker was short - just one sentence - but in it he paid the now-game analyst and co-host of One Bills Live, the highest of compliments, writing that Tasker was “the most decent great player” he covered during his career.

As you can imagine with Reich, he delivered one of the most memorable moments of King’s career when he erased a 35-3 deficit to lead the Bills to victory over the Houston Oilers in a 1992 wild-card playoff game. Here’s what King wrote about Reich and his amazing performance that game.

Thank you, Frank Reich, for the 41-38 comeback to beat Houston in the wild-card playoff game in 1992. Talk about memorable—a backup quarterback erasing a 35-3 lead and winning a playoff game. I recently told Reich the story about the Houston TV guy—when it was 28-3, Oilers, at halftime—who made the nonrefundable airplane reservation for the next week, the next game, at Pittsburgh. It got to be 35-3 on a bad Reich pick-six in the third quarter, but all he kept thinking about was, “Just one play.” The Bills won in overtime. I waited for everyone to leave the locker room until it was just me and Reich left, talking about the greatest game of a backup quarterback’s life. He called over an equipment man, wanting to see his wife, and said, “Could you bring Linda in?” And when the door to the locker room opened, they hustled to embrace like they hadn’t seen each other in five years. “I love you,” Linda said, and I bet 15 seconds passed before he said anything. “Praise the Lord,” were Frank Reich’s words. That was a moment.

King will continue to write a weekly column for NBC beginning in July as well as appear regularly across the network’s television and radio properties.