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Buffalo Bills splitting reps at starting quarterback; Josh Allen with third team

True to his word, Josh Allen is being asked to earn his spot so far

True to earlier reports, quarterback Josh Allen is starting his NFL career at the bottom of the depth chart. From head coach Sean McDermott’s lips to reporters’ ears on the first day of media availability during OTAs, Josh Allen is the sole Buffalo Bills quarterback working with the third string. Providing further insight into the quarterback pecking order, McDermott has further indicated Nathan Peterman and AJ McCarron are splitting time with the ones.

This is consistent with the Bills’ mantra of competition at every position and earning your spot. Back on April 30th, General Manager Brandon Beane spoke with WGR550 and indicated Josh Allen will be no different in competing for his job, directly indicating Allen would start off as the third quarterback for Buffalo.

“Everything’s a competition here,” said Beane. “He will come in as the No. 3. I think Nathan and AJ are going to be well ahead of him. Even Nathan, just being Year 2, it’s a huge difference being in a pro system and all of what goes with it. Even though it’s a new offensive coordinator here and they’re only a few weeks ahead by the time Josh gets here, they’re going to be further along than even three weeks ahead. So Josh has a lot of catching up to do from that standpoint, but if we wins the job, he wins the job. We’re not going to hold him back if he’s clearly the best guy for us.”