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AFC East Roundup: weakest positional groups

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A common theme can be sensed on each team’s weakness.

Last week on the AFC East Roundup, we looked at the strongest positional groups that each team was working with going into the season. Now we will be doing the opposite, looking at the weakest groups each team will be putting on the field. One common position group is a reoccurring theme among the teams.

Buffalo Bills: Quarterback/Wide Receiver

For the Bills it was a tie for their weakest group on the field. After trading Tyrod Taylor in the offseason the team is now working with free agent singing AJ McCarron who has yet to start a full season in the league, Nathan Peterman who threw 5 interceptions in his first start of his career, and rookie Josh Allen who could be a star but right now he is still inexperienced. At the receiver spot, the team barely made any changes to a group that finished mainly last in the league in receiving categories. Jordan Matthews left in free agency and the only big(ish) signing was Jeremy Kerley. This is why many analysts are predicting the Bills offense to be the worst in the league this season.

New York Jets: Wide Receiver

Last week we discussed how hard it was to find the best group on the Jets so it was just as hard to find where they are the worst. However, when you have 13 players on the roster that play the same spot something is up. That is why receiver is the weakness of the Jets. Their main target will be free agent signing Terrelle Pryor. Like the Bills, the Jets also finished in the bottom of the league in pass catching statistics. Whatever quarterback ends up starting for the team will have a lot of work to do through the air.

Miami Dolphins: Wide Receiver

See the theme yet? The Dolphins receiving corps is no better than any of the other teams in the league, especially after trading Jarvis Landry in the offseason to the Browns. Last year, the group led the league with 10 fumbles as a unit and was in the middle of the pack with just over 20 touchdowns. Even with the signing of Danny Amendola there are a lot of questions to be answered at the receiver position. Combine that with the uncertainty with Ryan Tannehill coming back from an injury means it may be a struggle for the wide receivers this season.

New England Patriots: Wide Receiver

Once again the receivers find themselves on this list, this time with the reigning AFC Champions. Two things to remember when it comes to the Pats and why this position is a weakness. One, we are just looking at the players, not the hall of fame quarterback that will be throwing to them. Two, Rob Gronkowski is a tight end so he is not a part of the receiving group. The group recently just took another hit as Jullian Edelman was issued a four-game suspension by the league. That means the Week 1 receivers could consist of Chris Hogan, Jordan Matthews who is coming off an injury, and Malcolm Mitchell. Yes, there is a lot of potential for this group when you have Tom Brady throwing the ball to you but if there was any other quarterback under center for the team, there would be concerns on how the passing game would unfold.