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Buffalo Bills All-Drought team: Right tackle

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Is there a player worth recognizing from Buffalo’s right tackles?

Like right guard, Buffalo’s right tackle resume was far from stellar during the playoff drought. This list features draft busts, overpriced free agents, and waiver wire replacements - and that’s just the players worth discussing! Remember, we’re only considering players who played the position for the majority of their time on the Bills, which means that players like Jason Peters wouldn’t be eligible. Can you find a favorite from this group?

Mike Williams

Williams ranks as one of the all-time Bills draft busts, a fourth overall pick who all but washed out of the league within four years. While he never developed into a starting left tackle for the Bills, he did start at right tackle for three and a half seasons. He was serviceable in that role, and made the NFL’s All-Rookie team in 2002, but with a poor work ethic, his career went downhill from there.

Langston Walker

When the Bills signed Walker in 2007, his five year, $25 million deal was a massive contract for an offensive lineman. He became Buffalo’s starting right tackle opposite Jason Peters, and for two seasons he started every game. Walker helped the 2007 line allow a franchise-low 26 sacks, as they paved the way for Marshawn Lynch’s rushing. In 2009, when the Bills traded Peters, the coaching staff tried playing Walker on the left side, but he didn’t have the agility to handle the role. The team attempted to trade him, then ended up releasing him before the start of the season.

Erik Pears

With Buffalo’s offensive line floundering in the wake of injuries and poor personnel choices, the Bills picked up Pears on the waiver wire in December 2010. He became Buffalo’s starting right tackle in 2011, with 40 starts at the position from 2010 through 2013. In 2014, the Bills moved him to right guard with the emergence of Seantrel Henderson, and he started a full season there, albeit with less effective play. The Bills moved on in 2015.

Jordan Mills

Henderson’s starting stint was short-lived, as marijuana suspensions and the onset of Crohn’s Disease removed him from the field. In 2015, the Bills added Mills as a mid-season free agent. He played in ten games, starting five for Buffalo, then started at right tackle for the 2016 and 2017 seasons through the end of Buffalo’s playoff drought. He wasn’t an especially effective blocker, but the coaches seemed to value his abilities, and he was rarely challenged as a starter.

So, is there a player worth recognizing from this list? Cast your vote here. Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up some loose ends from the offensive player polls.


Who was the best right tackle of the Buffalo Bills playoff drought?

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    Mike Williams
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  • 41%
    Langston Walker
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  • 37%
    Erik Pears
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  • 14%
    Jordan Mills
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