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Josh Allen earns minicamp reps with Buffalo Bills starters

Josh Allen now benefits from minicamp work as he is throwing passes to the team’s starters

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott has liked what he has seen from rookie Josh Allen so far. Over the course of OTAs, Allen has become a talking point surrounding the team due to his progression and adaptation to the pace of his first NFL camp. Before Tuesday's first practice of mandatory minicamp, McDermott said Allen would get some first-team reps after spending all spring with the third squad.

“Josh Allen is going to continue to get reps with the third unit, but we’ll mix him in with the starters," said McDermott. "That's all part of his development plan.”

McDermott has adamantly noted that he has not treated the first-year player any differently, Noting repeatedly that Allen had earned the shot.

“Really, to Josh’s credit, we have not held back all that much to this point," said McDermott, discussing the plan for Allen which he says is "in pencil".

There is still a learning curve to it, though. With Allen now in the process of getting reps with the team's starters, it’s still too early to see how the depth chart is going to shake out.

“Before you walk, you’ve gotta crawl,” said Mcdermott.

Though Allen is now taking on a larger role with the team this camp, Mcdermott’s plan for Allen has not been thrown out. There is still a sense of urgency to allow Allen to accumulate the most amount of knowledge and get the most out of this camp as he an. c

Allen spent most of Thursday's practice with the third-team.