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Buffalo Bills rotating first-team wide receivers with Zay Jones sidelined following knee surgery

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Lots of receivers are taking first-team snaps.

The Buffalo Bills have Kelvin Benjamin cemented on one side of the offense as the starting receiver. On the other side, Zay Jones is presumably the starting wideout after being selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. But with Jones sidelined this spring, a massive list of players has been rotating in opposite Benjamin.

On Tuesday alone, four players saw time with the first-team in addition to Benjamin; 2018 UDFA Robert Foster was first followed by Brandon Reilly, Jeremy Kerley, and Andre Holmes. It’s an impressive feat for the undrafted rookie to not only receive starting reps but be the first guy through.

It was May 24th that head coach Sean McDermott announced Jones had knee surgery the previous week and that the sophomore would miss spring workouts. No clear timetable has been set for his return, though McDermott didn’t think the surgery would cost Jones his 2018 n.seaso

With new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in town, all the receivers should feel they have a shot at impressing the new coaching staff. Foster, who was with Daboll last year at the University of Alabama, is the receiver with the most familiarity.