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Talking Buffalo Bills football on the Chicago Bears Review podcast

Larry Dyer and I had a long conversation about the Bills for his Chicago Bears preview.

The Buffalo Bills play host to the Chicago Bears on November 4 this season, which is the team’s ninth of ten games before a Week eleven bye. While that game may be three months away, that didn’t stop Larry Dyer and I from talking about a wide array of topics leading up to the game.

As part of the Chicago Bears Review podcast Dyer runs, he is interviewing bloggers, podcasters, and other general miscreants who follow the teams that will square off against Da Bears in 2018. I was the lucky caller to discuss the Bills this week.

Dyer and I discussed great moments in Bills fandom, Buffalo’s wild run to the playoffs in 2017, the disappointing end to the season, the Bills’ offseason moves, and my thoughts on the team’s prospects for 2018 and beyond. It was a long-running conversation (the interview clocks in at a tick over an hour), and I had a blast doing it.

The link to the podcast is here. Our discussion starts at the 14:10 mark.