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Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane addresses Shaq Lawson’s status

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It sure sounds like Shaq Lawson was given an ultimatum by the Bills general manager

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This is an important offseason for the Buffalo Bills’ Shaq Lawson. The fans know it, One Bills Drive knows it, and it appears that Lawson himself is aware, as well. In a recent interview with Matthew Fairburn over at The Athletic, Bills general manager Brandon Beane used a not-so-subtle motivational tactic by calling out the former first-round draft pick and how he intends to handle himself, both on and off the field.

“Shaq is a guy that this franchise put a lot of stock in with a first-round pick,” said Beane. “It’s no secret he hasn’t lived up to that. Sean and I are very frank. We try not to be rude, but we don’t beat around the bush. We laid out the expectations for Shaq. I think he’s done a real good job to this point. But we have a lot to go. We’re off for five weeks. What’s he going to do in these next five weeks?”

Beane later ended by saying, “It is a big summer…Training camp will tell a lot about where his career in Buffalo is headed.”

The admittedly frank tone of Beane’s comments has led to rumors that Shaq Lawson is actively on the trade block, with some speculating that the team could move on well before the end of training camp.

For what it’s worth, Lawson appears to have heard the trade rumors buzzing around and has decided to use them as additional motivation:

“Shoot, I’ve been on the trading block I feel like…I’ve just been seeing it. Yeah, it’s been a wake-up call. I’ve been hearing trade rumors and then I kind of realized, ‘I’m a first-round pick, third-year now. It’s time to wake up.’ I know I’m a good player. I just have to put it all together and be not just a talented player but a talented player who works hard and works on his craft and skill all together.”

Only time will tell if the former Clemson Tiger’s wake up call came a bit too late.