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Buffalo Bills retrospective: Anniversaries

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We take a look back at some notable Buffalo Bills events

The Buffalo Bills put an end to an infamous reign of futility with their 2017 season ending in playoff football for the first time since being swindled in Nashville a couple years back. The Bills will look to continue this success in 2018 and start building up positive history. In celebration of this newfound hope, we take a look back through the years and give a short list of anniversaries. To make the list at the designated intervals, the event needed to have occurred in the given year or be an achievement in recognition of the work put in during that season. This list is by no means comprehensive, so feel free to add to it in the comments below.

10 Year Anniversaries - 2008 Season

  • Brian Moorman has the first of two SEASONS with a perfect passer rating of 158.3. Moorman literally threw a touchdown every time he dropped back as a passer. He finished the season one for one on pass attempts for a total of 19 yards and one TD.
San Diego Chargers v Buffalo Bills Photo by: Rick Stewart/Getty Images
  • The super popular Toronto series starts! The Bills “hosted” the Pittsburgh Steelers in the preseason and the Miami Dolphins during the regular season. In true Toronto Series fashion, the Bills lost their regular season game.

20 Year Anniversaries - 1998 Season

  • The Wade Phillips era begins! The Son of Bum takes over for Hall of Fame head coach Marv Levy. What better way to start than to have a...
  • Quarterback controversy! Doug Flutie and Rob Johnson are both added to the roster this year.
  • The Bills make the playoffs along with THREE other division rivals. In the pre-Y2K world, divisions had five teams. The AFC East looked much the same except add the Colts for good measure. At 10-6, the Bills were third in the division behind the Jets and Dolphins. The Patriots squeaked in as the last wild card team and the 3-13 Colts would find solace in drafting Peyton Manning.
  • Though the Bills lost in the wild card round, Eric Moulds set the NFL playoff receiving yardage record at 240.
Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills - December 17, 2005 Photo by Mark Konezny/NFLPhotoLibrary

25 Year Anniversaries - 1993 Season

  • The Bills earned their last trip to the Super Bowl off the back of their 1993 season. Wouldn’t it be great to have a 25-year revisit of this one?
  • Steve Tasker attends the Pro Bowl and takes home MVP. Tasker is the only special teams player to take home this honor.
  • Bruce Smith is named the NEA Defensive Player of year with 13.5 sacks (tied for league lead).
  • Tasker and Smith are joined by Darryl Talley, earning All-Pro honors (all first-team).
  • 1993 was Keith McKeller’s last season with the team. It was McKeller’s versatility that allowed the Buffalo Bills to run their high octane K-Gun offense, and it is named after McKeller, whose nickname was “Killer.” The K-Gun is still considered to be the most complete usage of a hurry up offense in the history of the NFL.

30 Year Anniversaries - 1988 Season

  • Marv Levy earns his first winning record with the Bills, going 12-4. The Bills found themselves in first place in the AFC East for the first time since 1980. It was the Bills’ first 12-win season since the 1964 AFL Championship season. Levy would be recognized as the NFL Coach of the Year (Sporting News and UPI).
Hall of Fame Inductions X
  • The Bills reached the AFC Championship game, losing to the Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati bested the Bills with a hurry-up offense, which is often cited as a catalyst for the Bills perfecting their version.
  • The Bills had five All-Pro players. Four made it on the first-team: Bruce Smith, Shane Conlan, Cornelius Bennet, and Scott Norwood. Kent Hull made the cut on the second-team and Nate Odomes received an honorable mention
  • The Bills went 8-0 at home for the first time in club history.
  • Notable additions to the team in ‘88 included Thurman Thomas, Jeff Wright, and Carlton Bailey.

50 Year Anniversaries - 1968

  • The Bills earned their second-worst record in team history (1-12-1).
  • Head coach Joe Collier was fired after two games. Looking at the record above, his replacement, Harvey Johnson, didn’t do much better.
  • The Bills held Training Camp at Niagara University for the first time.
  • Elbert Debenion is the only “original Bill” left on the roster. He left after the season.
  • Sooooo many QB injuries. Jack Kemp, Tom Flores, Dan Darragh, and Kay Stevenson were all injured during the year. It was so bad that Ed Rutkowski was called up to be the QB. Rutkowski was a running back who hadn’t played the position since he was in college six years prior.