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Retired center Eric Wood says no hard feelings between him and Buffalo Bills

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The former center said he feels good now.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Former Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood was forced to retire after suffering a disc injury in his neck during the 2017 NFL season. Now that he’s officially done as a player, he showed up at Jim Kelly’s annual golf tournament to talk about what he wants to do in life after football.

Wood showed up to the golf tournament at a svelte 250 pounds, 55 pounds under his usual playing weight, according to The Buffalo News. When he spoke with reporters, he told them that there was no animosity between himself and the team.

The Bills officially released Wood on May 31. Releasing him then allowed the remainder of his contract, which lasts until 2019, to be placed on the 2018 salary cap.

According to Sal Capaccio, Wood said he isn’t 100% sure what’s next for him, but that someday down the road he might get back into football in some capacity. Wood has also said he might want to try and get into the media side of things, too.