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Buffalo Bills to be 28th in the NFL in miles traveled in 2018

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Team will have the 4th-lightest travel schedule

Along with a middle-of-the-pack strength of schedule (18th) for the 2018 NFL season, the Buffalo Bills can also take solace in the fact that they don’t have to embark on any long pilgrimages. According to a recent article, the Bills are ranked 28th in the league when calculating miles traveled.

Bills players and personnel can expect to rack up 10,222 air miles, which sandwiches them nicely in between the New England Patriots, with 11,042, miles and the New York Jets at 9,358 miles.

In addition to the eight-game home slate, Buffalo must travel to the Houston Texans (2,962 miles round-trip) Miami Dolphins (2,368 miles), Minnesota Vikings (1458 miles), Green Bay Packers (939 miles), New England Patriots (922 miles), Indianapolis Colts (869 miles), Baltimore Ravens (550 miles) and the New York Jets (462 miles).

West coast teams continue to lead the league in miles traveled with the travel leaders Oakland Raiders (number 1), Seattle Seahawks (number 2) and Los Angeles Chargers (number 3) all having to undertake an extra-long trip to London and back. The Raiders will travel more miles on their London excursion (10,714) than the Bills will travel all season.