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The MMQB predicts Buffalo Bills as the worst NFL team in 2018

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The Buffalo Bills shocked everybody, including most fans, last season when they broke a 17-year playoff drought. But with some key players leaving and inexperience under (a new) center, Sports Illustrated’s The MMQB thinks the Bills will be the worst teams in the NFL in 2018.

Jonathan Jones predicted that the Bills would go 2-14 in 2018 and hold the number one overall pick heading into the 2019 NFL Draft.

Here’s what Jones said he thinks about the 2018 Bills.

“The 2017 Bills team depended on LeSean McCoy racking up yards, low-risk quarterback play and an opportunistic defense. It’s tough to see two of those three happening in 2018. Buffalo’s receiving group shouldn’t be feared, so that means defenses will keep focusing on the run. The Bills lost Eric Wood to retirement, Richie Incognito to... something and traded away Cordy Glenn, so good luck running the ball. A stacked box means the quarterback will look to take chances down the field, and that’s a problem with first-rounder Josh Allen. He was the least-accurate and most turnover-prone top quarterback in the draft. It all spells a big step back for the surprise playoff team from 2017.”

This would be a massive blow to the morale of a fan base who finally tasted the playoffs for the first time this millennium.

However, in 2017, MMQB also wasn’t too hot on Buffalo heading into the season. Jones predicted the Bills would go 4-11-1, a record they obviously bested at 9-7.