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Buffalo Bills exit 2018 Supplemental Draft empty-handed

Two players were selected, but neither are Buffalo-bound

The 2018 Supplemental Draft played out on Wednesday afternoon, with two players being selected in the first instance of action since Isaiah Battle was chosen in the 2015 iteration. The Buffalo Bills were among the teams on the sidelines. Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal was chosen with a third round pick by the New York Giants, while Virginia Tech’s Adonis Alexander was chosen in the sixth round by Washington. The other three players in the draft, including Mississippi State’s Brandon Bryant, now become undrafted free agents.

That the Bills came away empty-handed doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t interested in one of these players. Teams submit blind bids if they’re interested in a player, and the highest bid for any player wins the selection. With the Giants holding the third overall pick in each round, for instance, the Bills could have submitted a third round bid on Beal and still missed out.

With the status quo in place, the Bills now look toward the start of training camp in a couple weeks.