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Terrell Owens’ name won’t be announced during Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony

Citing his decision to decline the invitation to attend, the Hall of Fame is electing to remove Owens from the ceremony.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Terrell Owens would be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his third year of eligibility. It was felt by many that the delay was the result of voters’ personal feelings toward Owens rather than his on-field body of work. We called the snub a year ago “unbelievable”.

The tumultuous path to the Hall continued when Owens announced he would not be attending the induction ceremony. Such a move was unprecedented for the Hall of Fame. Owens later provided additional details that he would instead celebrate his day at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

In an interview with the Talk of Fame Network, the executive director of the Hall of Fame, Joe Horrigan, responded to Owens’ decision to skip the induction event. With Owens moving forward without the Hall, the Hall is electing to move forward without Terrell Owens. Horrigan announced that Owens’ will not be introduced for the Gold Jacket ceremony on Friday, August 3rd. Owens’ name will not be included the following night during the induction ceremony. Owens’ image will appear in promotional materials and his name will be included in any usage that includes the entire class outside of the two ceremonies noted above. Owens will also receive his gold jacket in the mail.

“There’s no reason to bring him up as an individual. He’s not here,” said Horrigan “The focus is on the guys who are here.”

Also released on Thursday were some of the items to be included in the locker dedicated to this year’s class. For Owens, his time in Buffalo will not be forgotten. His locker will include a box of TO’s. In case you forgot these, the Hall is describing them as “a Honey Nut Toasted Oats cereal with a picture of Owens on the box sold when he played for the Buffalo Bills.”

Despite his time on the Buffalo Bills being short-lived, our season watching Terrell Owens was memorable. A team record 98-yard touchdown is one of many moments etched into our collective memory.