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Buffalo Rumblings offseason staff changes, July 2018

Welcome our new staff members.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

With less than two weeks to go before Buffalo Bills training camp, we are gearing up for the season. Part of that is reshaping our staff to serve you better and reflect changes in the personal situations of our writers. With that in mind, we are announcing some changes to the staff at Buffalo Rumblings for the 2018 season. (You can always check the masthead for the current list of writers and contact information.)

I’m not going anywhere. After my first season as Editor-in-chief, my favorite team made the playoffs. It’s not a coincidence. Brian Galliford and Chris Trapasso couldn’t break the drought, but I did.

Dan Lavoie is taking on an expanded role as Deputy Editor. He’ll be helping with breaking news, generating content ideas, editing, and working with staff.

Also on the leadership team is Sean Murphy, who will continue in his role as Senior Editor. He will be editing articles and pumping out content throughout the season.

John Boccacino has been handling our podcast duties since April. We wanted to reach Bills fans where they are, so if you’re on the go take the podcast with you. John has been promoted from Writer to Editor and is fully in charge of the content and production of the podcast. In addition, he will be writing articles on the site.

John’s co-host on the Buffalo Rumblings podcast, Anthony Marino, is going to continue his great work with the daily Bills links and co-hosting duties. You’ll even see his name pop up a little bit more on the site in general.

As you’ve probably noticed this offseason, Jeff Kantrowski aka Skarekrow is stepping into a more analytical role for us. As Dan finds his voice behind the scenes, we needed someone to step into our analyst role and Jeff was ready and able. He will be doing the deep dive All--22 analysis for us this season.

Grif, aka Andrew Griffin, will still be putting our great NFL draft-related content this season. And it will be about more than quarterbacks!

Dylan Zadonwicz is staying on as a writer in an unchanged role. Joining him on the writing staff is new hire Daniel Bender who has been an unpaid contributor for the last few months.

Moving to a brand new role on staff, Corey Giacovelli is going to be our new outreach coordinator. In addition to his weekly Around the AFC East posts, he is going to be reaching out to other SB Nation blogs to share our content.

Our Visual Media Manager, Josh Rawdin, is going to keep pumping out great images and videos for us. You’ll begin seeing more of those images on the site, too.

Another new hire is Danyel Geist, who will be taking over social media work from Corey. You should see a return of the Web Rumblings section as an important part of your day with heartwarming, funny, and informational fanshots coming your way on a more consistent basis.

We are also adding a paid moderator to the staff and he’s a name you are familiar with. Ryan Kendrick, who you know better by just his last name, is now on the books as a member of the staff. He’ll be promoting fanposts and fanshots, as well, as we build this community from the inside-out.

We did have to say goodbye to two paid members of our staff. Will Kennedy was a great addition a year ago but as he started graduate school in a new city, the time commitments weren’t going to work out. Longtime writer Tristan Garnett is similarly taking a break as he pursues personal opportunities for him. Both are staying on as unpaid contributors and writing when they can and want to, but without deadlines.

Also remaining on the unpaid staff are satirist Tom Colling, salary cap specialist Tom Mitchell, media interviewer Tim Hirschbeck, and contributors Matt Hodowany, Ron from NM, and Lawrence Foster.

We are also adding two contributors to the ranks. Steve Saslow shut down his popular Bills Daily website this week after 20 years blogging about the team. He’ll be bringing some of his favorite content to Buffalo Rumblings. Also joining us is Stephanie Wilson, who has some experience and a great social media presence.

It’s a large staff, for sure. Many hands make light work. We want to be the best place to find Buffalo Bills content anywhere and have something for everyone. With no subscription fees ever.

In January, we ran a post asking for your feedback. After hundreds of responses, you said you wanted news, All-22, and Draft coverage more than anything and wanted more of the All-22 analysis and the Draft coverage. You got it. You wanted a weekly podcast. We are giving you a weekly podcast. You also said you wanted more opinion pieces, and that’s coming.

Also this offseason, we tried to lighten up the comments section a bit. Being more strict with folks who attack other people. I think it’s helped make the comments section a bit of a better place. People can be negative, people can be frustrated, but we will argue about that and not each other.

SB Nation’s motto is “Come Fan With Us.” We’re going to get back to that. We are fans, not a newspaper. If we think it’s interesting, maybe you do, too. The offseason is almost over. Thanks for reading, and go Bills!