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LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend moves out of Georgia home, per TMZ report

Following the home invasion incident on July 10th, Delicia Cordon has moved out of McCoy’s Milton, Georgia home

Per a report from TMZ, LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon has moved out of the Milton, Georgia residence where she was allegedly assaulted on July 10th. No official statement has come from Cordon or her lawyers on this development. TMZ has claimed however, that they have obtained photographs of moving trucks at the residence corroborating the news.

Delicia Cordon was the subject of headlines last week when an Instagram post accused LeSean McCoy of domestic violence, child abuse, animal abuse, and the usage of preformance-enhancing drugs. The story went back and forth on details, eventually evolving into a possible connection between McCoy and a home invasion in which Cordon was assaulted and “specific” items of jewelry were requested by the intruder.

The Buffalo Bills’ running back’s potential connection revolves around the relationship he had with Cordon. The two had been living together in the Milton residence but the relationship started to deteriorate in July of 2017. Things escalated almost a year later when McCoy attempted to get Cordon to leave the home, ultimately leading to McCoy going through the Georgia legal system to evict Cordon. As part of the pair’s troubles, McCoy is alleged to have repeatedly requested jewelry back from Cordon. Per statements from Cordon’s lawyers, it is have suggested that the intruder on July 10th asked for these same items of jewelry.

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