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Brandon Beane, Sean McDermott, Lorenzo Alexander discuss Josh Allen’s racially insensitive tweets

The two answered questions about the events leading up to Allen being drafted

The night before the 2018 NFL Draft, a series of racially insensitive tweets from Josh Allen’s Twitter account when he was about 14 or 15 years old were brought into the limelight. After the tweets in question, there was concern that Allen’s stock may fall, much like Laremy Tunsil’s did just a couple of years back. Of course, the Buffalo Bills still selected Allen with the seventh overall pick and the Bills brass answered the expected questions regarding the tweets.

Bills’ general manager, Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott immediately called Allen to give him chance to explain himself:

“You could hear the frustration in himself, the embarrassment, all those words but he never made an excuse,” Beane said in June. “He could have said, ‘Hey, I was 14 or 15.’ He never said it. He just basically explained each situation, kids being kids, or quoting lyrics and stuff like that. I found him very honest. I think that’s who he is. I think it was natural. You can try and tell somebody not to do this or make this. He didn’t have a script. That was the most impressive thing to me. He didn’t walk up there and read a statement, which sometimes you have to.”

McDermott then added that he was in agreement with Beane and Allen owned up to his mistake.

In situations like these, there could be some uneasiness in the locker room. Veteran linebacker Lorenzo Alexander showed his support of Allen after getting to know the real version of him on SiriusXM NFL Radio:

“I think we might have discussed it the first couple of days, just hanging out, kind of talking but it hasn’t grown much from there,” Alexander said. “I think guys heard what he said and accepted his apology for what it was. I think you could tell he was really embarrassed and ashamed of what he had put out there. And that’s all you can do. Now that they interact with him, obviously I think certain guys are going to probably monitor him a little bit closely until they say, ‘Okay, this dude is good.’”