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Lawyer for LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend believes Bills RB “had some involvement” in robbery, assault

What they can prove and what they believe are two different things.

What Delicia Cordon suspects and what she can prove are two very different things, her lawyer told The Buffalo News in an email on Friday. Cordon, the ex-girlfriend of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, was assaulted in a home the two shared during a portion of their relationship. McCoy had re-started eviction procedures against Cordon in June.

Tanya Mitchell Graham, Cordon’s attorney, spoke with The Buffalo News via email on Friday to clear up some questions revolving around the case. Yes, Cordon has moved out of the house. Yes, she still believes McCoy was involved, but she can’t prove it. (Graham said otherwise this week.)

“She absolutely thinks Mr. McCoy had something to do with it,” Graham said in response to emailed questions from The News. “She believes anyone else involved was likely contacted by someone else on behalf of Mr. McCoy.”

But they don’t have any evidence to that end, so Graham says she was being cautious in her previous statements.

“I mentioned that I had a conversation with our client about the ‘criminal burden of proof,’ which is a higher standard than a civil burden of proof, and ‘probable cause’ – legal terms,” she told The News. “At this time, there is circumstantial evidence, which is not significant enough probable cause for an arrest; so, I said you can’t blame Mr. McCoy without additional evidence.”

Graham began building a circumstantial case against McCoy on the day of the incident, framing her statements with multiple implications before getting to the facts of the injuries sustained by Cordon.

Her lawyer also confirmed that Cordon sustained no broken bones in the incident, though she is still experiencing bruising and swelling from the July 10th incident.

We have not heard from the league, the team, or the NFL since the day McCoy was accused. McCoy denied the allegations and the team said it was looking into the matter. Bills training camp is less than a week away, and there has been no indication as to whether McCoy will or won’t be in attendance.