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AFC East Roundup: Biggest Camp Question

What do teams have to worry about entering camp this week?

Training camp is right around the corner, and now the true fun begins. Players across the league will fight either to win starting jobs or just to make a roster. This week on the AFC East roundup, we will discuss the biggest question or for some teams questions entering training camp.

Buffalo Bills: What is the status of LeSean McCoy and Josh Allen?

For the Bills, there are two players who may not be able to attend the first day of camp. McCoy is dealing with some legal issues, so there is uncertainty about whether or not he will be participating in the first day of camp while he settles things in his personal life. Meanwhile, Allen has yet to sign his rookie deal, and if he is not signed by the first day of camp, then he will not be able to participate. Some people are not worrying just yet because the top 4 picks in this year’s draft have not signed their rookie deals either (Editor’s Note: No. 2 overall pick Saquon Barkley has signed his rookie deal with the New York Giants). In any case, time is running short to ensure that Allen begins his first training camp on time.

New England Patriots: Will Gronk and Brady show?

The Patriots have been dealing with the same two problems all off season regarding their two best players on offense. There has been chatter about both of them not returning to play this season. In Rob Gronkowski's case, there have even been trade rumors involving him. Currently, reports state that Tom Brady will show up early to camp to begin working, while Gronk is expected to show up on time; however, things can change with there still being some time before camp. The Patriots were able to retain offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, so even if both players decided to miss time in camp, they have the benefit of already knowing the offense.

New York Jets: How will the QB rotation work?

Everyone is curious about how the Jets will handle the quarterback rotation once camp begins. Currently, Josh McCown is number one on the chart, being the veteran and incumbent starter. Behind him, however, could be two quality young guys ready to take the job from him. Teddy Bridgewater is returning after suffering that nasty knee injury while with the Vikings. He hasn’t played since, so no one is sure of how he’ll look upon his return. Then, the Jets have 2018 first round pick Sam Darnold, who was impressing some in mini camp. Will he see enough reps in camp to prove his worth?

Miami Dolphins: Will they respond to the culture change?

The biggest question for the Dolphins entering camp is will they respond to the culture change that head coach Adam Gase has imposed. The team jettisoned Jarvis Landry, Jay Ajayi, and Ndamukong Suh, players who were the faces of the franchise on both sides of the ball, but who were less-than-stellar influences off the field. With those players gone, Gase is trying to create a new attitude in hopes that the team will return to the form that helped them to make the playoffs two seasons ago. Hopefully, Ryan Tannehill will help people to buy in, as the quarterback is set to regain the starting job after coming back from injury.