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WR Brandon Reilly stands out on Day 1 of Bills Camp

The former undrafted free agent managed to most of the attention on his first day at St. John Fisher

After a standout 2017 training camp and a preseason in which he led the Buffalo Bills in receptions (11 catches for 139 yards), Buffalo kept wide receiver Brandon Reilly on their practice squad during the regular season. Although he was eventually called up and saw some snaps, he never was able to catch any passes during live action. This year however, if he can stand out both in training camp and the preseason, he has a clear shot, not only to make the team, but for substantial playing time.

So far, so good for the sophomore wideout as he was one of the standouts during the first day of the 2018 Bills training camp at St. John Fisher, according to observers.

According to longtime Bills beat reporter Sal Cappacio and our Matt Warren, Reilly was the clear winner among the wide receivers on the day, with several impressive catches and moves after the catch. That is despite making his debut on the third-team offense. Matt even declared Reilly among the winners of the first day of camp, regardless of position, along with fellow receiver Robert Foster, himself another UDFA.

“No one is keeping Brandon Reilly from making this team this year,” tweeted Capaccio. “He just makes catches. Just caught one on sideline, stopped on a dime and took it upfield.”

As Sal noted in his tweet, Reilly won’t have much competition in training camp this year, so his path to playing time is more clear than it was last season. With such an unknown/lackluster lineup at the position this year, the Bills really need a wide receiver to step up. So far that player looks to be Reilly, although that could change in any of the upcoming practices.