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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin seeing time in the slot

Brian Daboll isn’t wasting any time adding new wrinkles into the Buffalo offense, with Kelvin Benjamin seeing consistent time in the slot.

One of the biggest mysteries for the Buffalo Bills this offseason has been what new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will bring to the table. Training camp is just getting started, with only two days in the books, but some interesting observations are already trickling in.

As reported by both Matthew Fairburn and Cover 1 aka Erik Turner via Twitter, Brian Daboll has not been shy about lining up wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin in the slot. During training camps, it can be difficult to decipher if coaches are experimenting or perfecting. With both reports suggesting heavy usage already, it seems like a safe bet that Benjamin will see time in the slot during the regular season.

Kelvin Benjamin has been in the slot often these first few days. Good way to create mismatches and get him some separation,” said Fairburn.

Turner noted this move was “smart given his size and ability.”

Benjamin has made a name for himself winning contested catches on the outside as a result of the size mismatch he represents for most defensive backs, and linebacker for that matter. At 6’5” and approximately 245 pounds, Benjamin is an imposing presence at the wide receiver position.

In the slot, Benjamin’s size could create opportunities. Benjamin can be conceptualized as a wide receiver/tight end hybrid. He is fast enough to expose most linebackers and big enough to create headaches for defensive backs. Fans would be wise to keep an eye on this new wrinkle.