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Buffalo Bills training camp live updates, Day 5: Tuesday, July 31

No fans will be there, but they will practice anyway.

Today is indeed a strange day in the lore of Buffalo Bills training camp. In years past, when the team wanted to give their grass practice field a rest, they would head to the turn at Growney Stadium and leave the grass behind. To prevent injuries, the team decided to use the secondary grass field instead this year, but there’s one problem: there is no seating over there.

Today’s training camp practice at St. John Fisher is open to the media, but fans will not be in attendance.

As a result, you won’t see any photos or videos after 9. Reporters are barred from those following the first fifteen minutes of practice. We’ll still embed our training camp Twitter feed for you to follow from Sean McDermott’s press conference until the end of today’s practice, just make those notes.

Things we are watching for

  • After the rest day, will Zay Jones (knee surgery) or Nick O’Leary (foot/ankle) be back on the field?
  • Will the quarterback rotation continue between Nathan Peterman and AJ McCarron with Josh Allen sprinkled in? (Today should be Peterman’s turn with the ones, if it does.)
  • Whatever the reporters focus on today. It’s their show.