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EA Sports Madden 19 season simulations show some success for Buffalo Bills

How do the Bills far with each of their QBs starting a full season?

With the start of the NFL season just around the corner it only means one thing... it’s Madden Season! EA Sports launched NFL Madden 19 this week so we decided to have a little fun. We ran season simulations for the Bills using the scenario if AJ McCarron, Nathan Peterman, or Josh Allen played for the full season. Some of the results were interesting to say the least and keep in mind that in a video game anything can happen.

AJ McCarron

There are good news and bad news for McCarron in this simulation. The good news is he was in the top-five in the league, passing for over four thousand yards and 31 touchdowns. The bad news is that the Bills defense ranked last in the league forcing the team into a 3-12-1 record for the season. With McCarron, the offense was clicking on all cylinders as LeSean McCoy rushed for over a thousand yards and veteran Jeremy Kerley having a thousand yard receiving season with Charles Clay missing the mark by fewer than a hundred yards.

Josh Allen

If the team was to throw the rookie into the fire for the whole season, they would increase their win total by two. Allen led the team to a 5-11 record and passed for over three thousand yards to go with 17 touchdowns. What is interesting about this simulation is that the production of McCoy dropped significantly, rushing for only 350 yards for the season which is less than Chris Ivory. Once again Kerley was the leading receiver but was just shy of a thousand yards. Clay was still a part of the offense as well, matching Kerley with seven touchdowns.

Nathan Peterman

Lastly, there is Petermania who ran wild in this simulation. With him leading, the team finished 8-8 and still managed to squeeze into the playoffs because of tiebreakers. Their first round match up? The Jaguars who defeated them once again in the Wild Card game, which would be for the second year in a row. Peterman compiled more than four thousand yards with 28 touchdowns and only threw 13 interceptions. Once again, Shady’s production is low, not even eclipsing the 500 yard mark while Ivory did. In the receiving game there was no one close to a thousand yards with Clay being the closest with just over eight hundred.

Which QB will you play as when you use the Bills in Madden?