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HBO Hard Knocks open thread: the Corey Coleman trade to the Buffalo Bills

The Bills will play a role on tonight’s Hard Knocks.

The Buffalo Bills will be a key player in Tuesday night’s Hard Knocks on HBO. The series follows a team during training camp and this year the Cleveland Browns are the featured team.

Last week, the Bills sent a 2020 7th round draft choice to the Browns in exchange for receiver Corey Coleman. Coleman was with the Hard Knocks film crew all day on the day of his trade after being called out by coaches the week before. That conversation was featured last week, so naturally there will be follow up this week and camera crews could have captured the moment Coleman found out he was moving to Buffalo.

To add intrigue, the Bills play the Browns this Friday night. The Bills could be featured in more ways than one both this week and next.

So leave your comments below as you watch. Bills fans finally have real reasons to watch. The show starts at 10 p.m. Eastern.